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Win-Win Solutions!

We’re focused on providing high-quality service and customer satisfaction – our goal is to exceed your expectations. 


With a variety of offerings to choose from, we're sure you'll be happy working with us. 

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Who We Are

Mediation WorX offers mediation and conflict resolution services for corporations, nonprofits, and small businesses.

We also offer solutions for the following

types of situations:

  • Family Disputes

  • Divorce

  • Child Custody

  • Parenting Coordinating

  • Marriage

  • Elderly

  • Court

  • School

  • HOA

  • Church Disputes

Ready for a Solution?

Schedule your free consultation call and start on the path to a resolution.

What is Mediation?


Nature of the Process

Mediation is a process wherein the parties meet with a mutually selected impartial and neutral person, ( the mediator), who assists them in the negotiation of their differences.

Role of the Mediator: What does a Mediator do?

Mediation leaves the decision power totally and strictly with the parties. The mediator does not decide what is "fair" or "right," does not assess blame nor render an opinion on the merits or chances of success if the case were litigated. Rather, the mediator acts as a catalyst between opposing interests attempting to bring them together by defining issues and eliminating obstacles to communication, while moderating and guiding the process to avoid confrontation and ill will. The mediator will, however, seek goodwill participation from each side during the mediation process.

Meet the Mediator | Trainer | Coach


Sharon D. Wiley, Ph.D.

 Mediator | Trainer | Coach

With over a decade of experience serving as a mediator providing win-win solutions, Sharon has successfully mediated corporate, municipal, non-profit, family, and divorce cases.

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