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I am available to speak for events, workshops, church's, schools, businesses, lunch-and-learns, and keynotes.  I can custom-tailor the content of mediation, conflict resolution, communication, the grief journey, generational differences, psychology and emotional intelligence for just about any audience of any size.  Collaboratively, I will work with each group ahead of time to determine what kind of presentation and program components will be most relevant and impactful.  I am available for travel and have enjoyed speaking, in various parts across the country, to organizations such , United Airlines, Kaiser Permanenta, IOWA Elementary School, PBRadio Station, Legal Administrators, WOW -Women of Wealth Retreats, HIS PEN - Women’s Retreat, Regis University and more.

Some of the topics utilized for these presentations include:

  • Leadership

  • Change | Transition

  • Motivation | Purpose

  • Teamwork

  • Authenticity

  • Personal Brand

  • Mindfulness

  • Conflict Management

  • Mediation | Leadership

  • Individual Performance Enhancement

  • Emotional iQ | Diversity

  • Organizational Performance Enhancement

  • Workplace Challenges

  • Mind | Body | Spirit Wellness

  • Work | Life Balance

  • How to Think Innovatively

  • Breaking Grief Cycle

  • Happiness and Work

  • Creativity on the Job

  • Organizational Communication

  • Conflict Coaching

If your organization is interested in learning more, feel free to contact me for a consult call and we can chat about your specific needs and goals.


“Sharon was awesome.  The session with her was very informative – she clearly gets the issues surrounding this profession and her suggestions were on-point and timely.”

-Legal Professional, Glenice Hobson

Dr. Wiley, Mediated a extremely complex conflict involving other attorney's and the Attorney General office in Colorado as an observer, May 2023. The 501c3 that was the pilar in the Denver Community, had it's  future in jeopardy.  Through this skilled Mediator all parties involved was able to find common ground to save the center and come to an agreement.                            

Thanks Sharon for your tenacity! 

Antionette - Board Chair

“I love Sharon’s coaching and teaching techniques. I hope to be as concerned about my clients and invested as a trainer in my future endeavors.  I highly recommend her for any life coaching, personal or professional assistance one may be seeking for growth in their life.  She was able to help me tap into my truth; pin point my passion and Sharon, assisted me with getting back on track to fulfilling my immediate goals in my life.”


Personal Branding and Marketing

Deb Collins | Women of Wealth (WOW)

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