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Conflict Coaching 

Practical and Interactive Training

At our conflict resolution training, we offer intensive and interactive learning experiences for professionals and executives. You will participate in dynamic exercises and case studies, with two-way and coached feedback. The concepts and approaches you will learn have proven successful in the real world, and can be applied immediately to your conflict resolution or negotiation situations. 

Due to the ever-increasing costs of conflict in the workplace, employers are increasingly turning to Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) as a solution. Employee conflict, labour disputes, and discrimination claims in particular are increasingly common and employers need to take steps to stem the tide of conflict and lawsuits. Conflict resolution training is an effective means to accomplish this goal. It is also the tool used by professional mediators to resolve conflicts between disputing parties.

Grief consulting

Unfortunately, grief is an inevitable, inescapable part of life. We will all lose someone we love at some point in our life—most of us at many points—and the loss can often hit us harder than we expect.

If we feel really knocked off our feet or are struggling for a prolonged period of time, that may be a sign that we need some professional help to move on.

In grief sessions, we’ll cover the basics of grief counseling/grief therapy and provide suggestions, tips, techniques, and exercises you can implement as a person in grieving, part of the support system for a person who is grieving, or as a mental health professional.

Dissatisfaction with life is something that every human on the face of this planet experiences at one time or another, often at various times throughout one’s lifespan. If you feel unhappy, depressed, anxious, or if you are having a hard time recovering from grief a loss or change, individual, family or group counseling is a way of investing in yourself to build self-esteem, courage, confidence, personal strength, peace, and satisfaction with yourself and your life.  Instead of thinking something might be “wrong” with you, perhaps the answers and various perspectives await you in counseling or conflict coaching.

We will work together to help you to identify personal needs and goals, and to equip and empower you with the ability to navigate your life in a better way, make healthier decisions, get unstuck, and achieve whatever healing and progress you are chasing. But... please know, it is normal to feel scared when considering counseling. Talking about very personal things is hard and can feel painful.  

Note... that part of the therapeutic process is finding a pace and a level of comfort that allows you to process through these emotions while continuing to persevere through progress.  This is your journey, and YOU have the control over how productive therapy will be.

Every person who seek my help is uniquely special, therefore no two treatment plans will be identical.  We will work together to explore what counseling treatment options are best for you.  We will work at a pace that feels comfortable to you while facilitating the most effective results for healing.  The goal is to increase hope and live in a way that generates more happiness, confidence, peace, calm, and personal fulfillment. COME TALK WITH ME...

Consulting | Relationship & More

Communication of Rythmology

Effective communication is communication that is clearly and successfully delivered, received and understood. Learning the skills of effective communication can help people to resolve differences while building trust and respect.

Some skills associated with effective communication include:

  • Understanding timing, flow, environment, tone

  • Being a good listener

  • Using and recognizing body language and non-verbal communication

  • Taking control of emotion and stress

  • Understanding and empathizing with others


Taking the time to listen to others helps them to feel safe and understood. Using positive body language will make others feel at ease. Being aware of emotions will keep disagreements from escalating to a stressful level.

Applying these skills to everyday communication can help people to better connect with their family, friends, and coworkers.

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