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Mediation WorX has advocated for the discipline of mediation for years and believes in the Innovate

Techniques used for mediation. To Mediate means to help to settle a dispute or create agreement

when there is conflict between two or more people or groups by acting as an intermediary or go-between 

for those parties. Mediation can be used for many reasons, corporate, nonprofits, small businesses,

for family disputes, divorce, child custody, parenting coordinating, marriage, elderly, court, school, HOA,

church disputes and much more. Instead of allowing the courts, judges, attorneys, or others to make the

decisions concerning your future and each participant can decide their own destination with the help of a

mediator. A person who acts as an intermediary or go-between in this way can be called a mediator.

The act or process of mediating is called mediation. Mediation always involves a mediator acting as an 

impartial third party to guide the communication between the conflicting parties.

Sometimes, mediation happens in an informal way. You might help two friends by mediating their

argument. But the word is perhaps most commonly used in more specific ways in formal situations,

such as when a mediator mediates a labor dispute between a company and its striking employees or

when a mediator mediates a divorce for two spouses. When mediation occurs in an official or legal

context, such as when it has been ordered by a judge, it is often called arbitration. Arbitration usually

involves a decision that the parties are bound by. Mediation is typically less formal and usually involves

suggestions for settling differences, as opposed to binding decisions.

Sharon Wiley, PhD

Meet our Master Mediator, she's a trailblazer in the African American mediation community, as she speaks on her

love for peace-making. Sharon is a graduate of Harvard courses on negotiation, she's a wife, mom and master

mediator, trainer, coach, author, and speaker. She has a PhD in Philosophy Christian Psychology, M.A. in Conflict

Resolution, specialization organization communication, graduate certificate in advance negotiation.  Her certificates

in mediation, family, divorce, civil were completed at Mediate LLC, Regis and Kennesaw Universities.  B.S. Applied

Psychology minor communication/business administration, Georgia ADR State Registration,, Colorado

ADR, and she's also a Transformational + Conflict Coach.


Sharon has been mediating and training mediators since 2014. From attorney's partnered with Multi-County

Law Firm, Jeffco Father-Hood Program, 501c3's, counselors, teachers and students on the playground.

Including, Denver, centennial, aurora, kaiser nurses, managers, pastors, family, court and more. She's a board

member of Floyd House, involved in the TRUST NETWORK-Mediators Beyond Borders, Conflict Resolution

Month, developed youth programs, Radio Rookies and Cops in the Colorado and Geogia underserved communities. 

Sharon has author five books. ORDER NOW- JULY 2023, "Mediate as You Conversate" 7 Steps to Intimate Talking.


Attorney Glenn F. Younger , Esq

Mr. Younger is truly the People's Attorney. With over 47years of exemplary litigation in government, global

and local communities his record is one of undeniable success. He is a master negotiator, mediator, and

dispute resolver. His past partnership with Mediation Worx in training mediators, skilled in the judicial and

professional arenas have ended this year which made it 12years. To date, Glenn, volunteers as a Mediation

WorX & Services Legal Consultant. 


Mr. Younger legal career with its global reach has achieved its most impactful legacy with his partnership

with John Kennedy to affect change within the Colorado Bar Association on its Exam requirements. 

He has worked passionately as an attorney achieving victories for the underdogs on Capitol Hill as well as

our Country. Mr. Younger is a noted contributing author on several articles, publications, books, and a

legacy educator.

Mediator Toni Bullock

A seasoned mediator whose style of resolute negotiation Toni focuses primarily on achieving a shared agreed

outcome.  Ms. Bullock facilitative design sets the bar high when it comes accomplishing the most successful

durable resolutions within mediation. She mediates in a space where participating parties are not only heard

and acknowledged but supported in their efforts to find common ground to build a framework for successful

solutions. Her use of critical thinking and experienced negotiating skills prove to be invaluable when the

potential of compromise is being challenged by distractions, unspoken expectations or unexpected demands. 

For Ms. Bullock, as a certified conflict resolution mediator the takeaway goal and vision is always a shared

win/win solutions by all participating parties. 

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